We can carry out electrical and mechanical repairs on all electric motors, even large ones. We identify quickly the components to be repaired or replaced, and thanks to a wide range of spare parts, we can repair in a short time various types of electric motors: A/C, C/C, ATEX-compliant motors, electric motors for traction, ring electric motors, motors for tool machines, electrical pumps, vibration motors and special motors.

For all repair works we use certified spare parts, to ensure the maximum performance after the maintenance or repair work has been done.

The company offers a quick service, able to meet any requirement for the repairing of electric motors. Professionalism, reliability, and timeliness are important qualities, the pillars of our success since 1966.

Every day, our departments carry out electrical and mechanical repairs, complete overhauls, regenerations, reconstructions, addition of mechanic and anti-corrosion materials, balancing and maintenance.

Our company also offers a sales service of new products, including: standard and special electric motors, ATEX-compliant motors, geared motors, ventilators, surface and submersible pumps, vibration motors, condensers, brushes, terminal boxes, seals, and miscellaneous parts.

Elettromeccanica Tarcisio Pugni | SALES SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS

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