The company Elettromeccanica Tarcisio Pugni was established in 1966 by Tarcisio Pugni, who specialized in winding and repairing of electric motors. Thanks to the founder’s commitment and the expertise of almost 50 years, the company is now able to meet any requirement a customer may have, from vibration motors to winding, from repairs to mechanical works.

The company Elettromeccanica Tarcisio Pugni guarantees high qualitative standards in the whole production, thanks to the use of sophisticated machine tools, automated production lines and highly skilled personnel; we aim to manufacture every detail inside the factory.



The company Elettromeccanica Tarcisio Pugni manufactures the mechanical components needed to produce electric motors, casing, flanges, shields, shafts, to process ATEX components, to widen holes of rotor shaft axis, and mechanical components in general.

We follow every processing stage to ensure the maximum control of every step. The final checks are extremely accurate, to deliver high-performance and long-lasting products to customers.

Our flexibility and strength enable us to handle any order, from a single piece to large amounts of pieces.

The high-performance machines we use enable us to reduce processing costs when manufacturing mechanical components.

Vibration Motor



Service Sales and Spare parts

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